Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back in Action!

After much frustration I finally asked my questions on the forums at blogger and got an answer. A rather simple on actually: switch back to the 'Old' editor. I did that and it works! I would love to know what was wrong with the new editor (I am sure it is on my end) but whatever....this works.
I was working on some fibery things and my little helper popped up to the counter to 'watch' me as I was working. In addition to the hackle I was using, my combs and flick carder were on the counter and she decided that she wanted to play with them. Actually I believe she kept saying 'help mommy' as she 'carded' some wool. Maybe I have a future fiber lover here. She does seem to like anything I am working with - she'll rub it and say 'soft, pretty'
Quite some time ago (like before we moved -so more than a year) I started this bear. I had her all cut out and all of the pieces together, I just had to assemble and stuff. I give you "Spooky" For sale in my Etsy shop.
I also made another pumpkin...Alexis this is the one I started the day you and the boys were here:
I kinda like his evil little grin, don't you?
And last but not least this is some spinning I have been doing. Brian brought me all home some wool one evening and I love the color. It's funny because I probably wouldn't have gone for this color but I am really enjoying it. Brian said I should make something for myself so I have decided on a sweater. What you see here is about 1/3 of what I will eventually need to spin. I have 4 bobbins spun up and 5 more to go.

Then I will ply them as a 3ply and then knit me a sweater. I think I may have enough leftover for one of two things I want to do, either make a sweater for Abby to match (it's iffy on whether or not I'll have enough for this) or throw some on the loom and weave a scarf.
There are a couple more things in the works but that is what I have 'really going' right now. I must go and get ready to prepare for my presentation this evening...oh, did I forget to mention this?
Sooo while I was at the sheep to shawl I was talking to a guild member and something came up that I had my spinning notebook handy to use as a refrece. The guild member really liked the spinning notebook and long story short I am presenting a short 'workshop' (really just a talk) on how to keep a spinning notebook. I am a bit nervous as I have never really done any 'public' speaking (not since reading a paper outloud in college a decade ago). I have done one 'dry run' and think it's ok. Now I need to finish my props and get any supplies together that I might need.
And so on that note, off I go.


Pretty Knitty said...

Glad you got the pics back "online" here. . .I hate it when blogger freaks out on us! Nice color, btw!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Yeah I'm glad it's working what a pain in the REAR!

I think Abby will be just like mommy and love all the crafty things!

Spooky totally rocks! And I LOVE the pumpkins evil grin!! I so love it!

I can't wait to see the sweater, I LOVE that color and that was so sweet of Brian! A scarf is always a VERY cool thing :)

You know I would love to come hide out for a weekend I would LOVE it. I can't wait just have girl talk this Saturday.

Together We Save said...

I love that bear!! So cute!!

Amy said...

You'll do great at your talk!! I have always found your instruction to be very clear and inspiring!