Sunday, May 02, 2010

Just Tinkerin' Around

So yesterday afternoon after I got the scarf all photographed and blogged about I HAD to start another project since I was aching to use some of my handspun on the loom. I have been playing with this 'carnival' yarn for sometime and I was just bored to tears with the project I was working on so I reclaimed the yarn and warped my loom.
In my excitement I took absolutally NO in progress photos! I was just having too much fun.
I warped the loom with a little help from Alexis and got started weaving. After getting the header in and a few rows woven to eaven things out I let her son Cole weave for a while. He did a GREAT job and listened very well to direction. I wove off and on a little throughout the day and then really banged it out after the kids went to bed. Here it is:

So for Jacob's Birthday he got a set of TinkerToys. While we were bummed to discover that they were plastic instead of wood Jake didn't care and everyone has been having fun with them...especially me! In addition to building Jake fun things like robots and 'helicopters' I have borrowed them occasionally to use for crafting purposes. So can't afford a slew of knitting/spinning/weaving tools? get yourself a set of TinkerToys! Here are some of the ways I have made use of them for my crafting needs:
1.) A Niddy Noddy

2.) Better yet a swift:
3.) A lazy kate or spool holder:
4.) A warping board:
5.) And the finale - a functional spinning wheel. No, it is not efficient and frankly you would be farther ahead (much farther ahead) to make your own spindle out of some stuff lying around (a dowel and couple of old cd's is really all you need) but still, I had to try it:

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh I'm LOVING this scarf it turned out so beautiful!!!! Cole thought it was so awesome he got to help out and loved doing it!!!

I love all the tinkering you did ... lol :) You rock girl.

I posted today pics of you and Cole working on the scarf ;)