Monday, February 01, 2010

What? I've been busy.

Knitting that is.
I have been in Sock Wars...knitting like mad I tell you. I have knit 3 socks (plus 2inches) in the last 15 days. For me that is quit a lot at once. Not to mention the first of those socks was a size 10 (so a big sock). It was for my 'target' in sock wars. Basically the game is like 'assassins' - You are assigned a target and try to 'kill' (in this case knit and mail a pair of socks) before your assassin kills you. I did not finish my socks before receiving my 'death socks' in the mail. So I wrapped them off and sent them to my assassin who is now knitting them for my target. Lots of fun but I picked a difficult pattern and it went much slower than I anticipated. A lot of it comes down to luck (how fast your assassin's assassin knits, how slow is the postal service, etc.) but either way I am dead.
The second part of the competition is called Iron Knitter. The game basically goes like this: at a certain time a clue sheet is released. once you solve all of the clues and email your answers back to the "Supreme Commander" she sends you the sock pattern. Then you knit that pattern as fast as you can. The first 90 % of players to finish move on to round two. Round 2 will begin tomorrow with another clue sheet to be released around 1pm EST (10am my time) and then an unknown at this point percent of players will move to round 3.
What I have learned thus far from this competition is that I am much slower knitter than I originally thought. I am going to have to knit faster if I want to stay in th e competition for much longer.
Once I finished my Iron Knitter socks (my new favorite socks ever!) I finished up some spinning.
I'll try and get some more pics up soon. No garuntee's when that will be since the competition rev's back up again soon!

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L J said...

Beautiful! Love the color that you chose for them.