Monday, September 15, 2008

Someone Please Buy My House

I am getting to be as big as a house. I have a house on the market for sale. I would like to sell the latter before the former bursts and I have a newborn to drag about with my toddler, husband and all of our worldy possessions. I understand that there are way more houses than buyers right now. But my house is large and reasonably priced for the area it is in. Please, please someone come buy my house. Soon. I only have 8 1/2 weeks until my scheduled due-date. My midwife wants to induce sooner.............sooner is almost always better in terms of getting the baby out (assuming said baby has had ample baking time) but in this case...I dunno. Maybe I can talk my midwife out of inducing too early if we have a reasonable offer that might make it possible for us to move before delivery. Of course there is that whole bit about not having a new place to move into yet, but we won't look until we get at least one offer...Again there is a huge surplus of houses out there right now, we won't have a problem finding anything.
So please, either buy my house or send me someone who will (well wishes are glady accepted too).

Ok I'm done whining now...

Here is a cute pic of my kid:


Alexis said...

Hey Girlie, Brian just gave me your blog spot. Love it. I'm adding you to my fav blogs on my blogspot =D. I love the toddler Olympics.

Here's me: Running away I'll help you pack. mom2mycrazy2.blogspot

jeanius said...

hey you! I am curious why your midwife wants to induce.. however, lots of well wishes for the house selling! (we might be in the same boat- we can't get refi'd, so might end up having to sell :(

I loved seeing you (and the belly!) Last night!