Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Now Boarding the Glucose Testing Train

The meeting with Andrea at my midwife's office went well. She taught me the basics of what diabetes is and how to manage it with diet and exercise. I will have to test my glucose levels four times a day - once in the morning and one hour after breakfast lunch and dinner. Not fun but since I've been pierced and tattoed it's not that big of a deal, plus if I can't handle this I've got a REAL surprise in store for childbirth! It sounds fairly simple. I figure it will take a couple of days for my levels to get to where they should be as I learn what does and does not work for me diet-wise. Hopefully that's all there will be to it.
If I can't get my levels under control with diet I will have to take an oral form of insulin to help. Then we adjust the dose and if that does not work we add insulin via injection. Hopefully it will never get that far!
So, here's to hoping for some nice low readings!


Carolyn in KY said...

I am so glad that they detected the GD, but I am sorry that you have to go through all this. I have all the faith in the world that you can control your blood sugar for the short time you have left until delivery. Keep us posted OK?

Anonymous said...

I have GD as well. Being this is my 2nd pregnancy the caught it at 13 weeks. And I am diet controlled and it is one of the easiest to control. Just watch your carbs.