Saturday, July 15, 2006


Ok, well not quite a cow yet but for someone who didn't break 100lbs until she was 24 this is quite a change! are the 13 week pics...As you can see my belly button is getting shallower and I suspect will be gone in a few more weeks...I also don't think I am going to get away without maternity clothes for much longer...we shall see.
So with out further we are:
This is today (13 weeks 2 days) and the pic below is 11 weeks 6 days


Carolyn in KY said...

Yeah, the little Figlet is growing. Thank you for sharing with us FGMs.

Jodi said...


You are doing what I did although, I did not take as many as you are now. It was after the baby came that I went nuts with the Polaroid I took pix of Jason every week on a Thursday (he was born on a thursday) for over a year!!!! You look so cute with the little belly!!! Enjoy ever minute of this time it is so special!!

FGM Jodi

AliKat (WOTFGM's) said...

oh headless one its July 28th and about time we had an updated photo pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee