Monday, June 12, 2006


Well we have finally finished a project that has taken just about a month. We refinished our hardwood floors.
Soo...without further ado, here are some progression pics:

Dining Room - What we found under the carpet.

Living Room - What we found under the carpet.

Dining Room - After lots of sanding and filler and more sanding.

Living Room - After sanding filling, sanding again.

The Bedroom - After sanding and filling etc. These turned out to be Oak instead of Fur.

Dining Room - Done! (well we haven't quite taken the tape off yet but you get the idea).

Living Room - Done

Bedroom - Done (except for the trim).

Well there is the photo journey of the floors. It took a long time but we did it. I'll take some pics now that we have the trim put up and the quarter-round put on...I'll try to post those later this week.


Carolyn in KY said...

Rachael, your floors are beautiful. In no time at all you will be chasing Peanut as he/she goes skating from room to room. The pins won't get stuck in the carpeting when you drop them, you will love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rach~ Your floors are stunning. It's worth the hard work hey! You should take another pic for us when your furniture is back in. I would love to see :)


Anonymous said...

Your floors a beautiful. What a lot of work you've done. You will have a lovely home for the Peanut.